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Every time you apply for credit, your credit information will be checked, and a hard inquiry will be placed on your credit file, whether your are approved or not.

Too many of these inquiries can drop your score and can signal to creditors that you may be heading towards financial hardship.

To many inquiries = too much debt = decreased credit scores.

Who needs that?

Here, I teach you my best tactics for removing 100s of hard Inquiries from my client's credit reports each year!

Financial Educator

Netiva Heard

Netiva "The Frugal CrediTnista" is a Financial Educator, Certified Credit Counselor, Personal Finance Coach, IL Realtor & Owner of MNH Financial Services, LLC!She has a Masters in Business Management & Finance and several certifications in the Credit, Finance and Real Estate Industry.For over 10 years, she has been assisting consumers in Destroying their Debts, Growing their Money and Soaring their Credit Scores.Empowering, educating and equipping consumers with the tools and resources they need to Transform Their Finances is both her purpose and passion. She is committed to delivering up-to-date, quality and factual financial information that will positively impact the finances of households across the country.

Course curriculum

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    How to Remove Hard Inquiries

    • DIY Inquiry Removal

    • Removing Hard Inquiries - Action Guide

    • Addresses for Credit Bureaus

    • Filing Complaints

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    Questions? Need Help?

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    • Questions? Need Help?